Site Specific Oral Drug Delivery System

Site Specific Oral Drug Delivery System

Yadav A, Singh T, Jain DK


The oral route remains the most considered one for administration of drugs. Several reasons can be pointed out to support this fact, namely ease of administration and full control of administration by the patient, together with a high degree of flexibility on dosing. In recent years a wide variety of newer oral drug delivery system like sustained/ controlled release dosage forms are designed and evaluated in order to overcome the limitation of conventional therapy. This review mainly focused on various site specific oral drug delivery systems and detailing about Buccal Patches, Medicated chewing gums, Colon targeted drug delivery system, Osmotic tablets, Pulsincap system, Egalet technology etc.


Oral route, Buccal mucosa, Oral drug delivery system, Medicated chewing gum, Colon targeted drug delivery system

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Yadav A, Singh T, Jain DK, Site Specific Oral Drug Delivery System, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars, 2013, 2(4), 228-237.

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