Analysis of Blue Ball Pen Inks

Analysis of Blue Ball Pen Inks

Bhardwaj H, Jaiswal J, Sharma N


The forensic analysis of ink is of great interest particularly in the investigation of forgery cases relating to handwriting and signatures. As the documents are usually written with writing pens, it is therefore of interest to characterize the inks of different brands among the ball pen inks. In this study the ball pen inks components were separated by TLC and then separated components were analyzed by means of Ultraviolet visible (UV-Vis), infrared (IR) and NMR spectroscopy. UV-Vis analysis was successful in characterizing ball pen inks of different brands. IR analysis revealed that each brands could be characterized and then differentiated by looking the pattern of each spectra. NMR spectroscopy has been useful for the comparison of ink brands.


Ball pen, TLC, UV-VIS, IR, NMR spectroscopy

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Bhardwaj, H., Jaiswal, J., & Sharma, N. (2014). Analysis of Blue Ball Pen Inks. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars, 3(1), 473-476.

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