Systematic Approach for Handling of Customer Complaints

Systematic Approach for Handling of Customer Complaints

Shirwadkar BB, Desai SR, Disouza JI


A complaint is an objection to something that is unfair, unacceptable, or otherwise not up to normal standards. Complaints may be about: Services, delivery, quality of product, communication, response time, documentation, billing, follow up etc. Unhappy customers are bad news for any company, and it only takes one of them to shatter a perfectly good day at work for everyone. A good complaint handling system in pharmaceutical companies gives an opportunity to improve the quality of the product. Complaint handling is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirement, for that reason complaints concerning potentially defective products must be carefully reviewed. This review provides information on a systematic approach for handling complaints. Systematic handling of complaints maintains a good relationship between customer and company. A systematized approach to customer complaints handling: Increase levels of customer care, levels of customer satisfaction also monitoring of customer care, early identification of possible manufacturing problems.


Customer complaint, Customer satisfaction, Customer services

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Shirwadkar, B. B., Desai, S. R., & Disouza. J. I. (2014). Systematic Approach for Handling of Customer Complaints. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars, 3(1), 594-598.

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