Mast Cell Stabilizing Activity of Carica Papaya Leaves

Mast Cell Stabilizing Activity of Carica Papaya Leaves

Chaudhari SG, Chaudhari HR, Mishra PA, Shendkar AK, Desai JS


Carica papaya (Caricaceae), commonly known as papaya possesses diverse pharmacological activities. The present study evaluated the mast cell stabilizing activity of hydroalcoholic extract of leaves of carica papaya using albumin as an inducer. The present study aimed to evaluate the mast cell stabilization activity as a mechanism for antiasthmatic activity of leaves of Carica papaya using experimental paradigm. Wistar rats are used for experimental work on mast cell degranulation inhibition. Present study demonstrates the mast cell degranulation inhibition with the extract of leaves of Carica papaya. Albumin is used as an inducer for degranulation. Dose 200mg/kg (p<0.05) and 400mg/kg (p<0.01) showed significant inhibition in degranulation. Mast cell stabilization activity was shown by the leaves of Carica papaya in our research study. It also decreases mast cell degranulation and thus depletes the release of histamine which is one of the reasons for spasmogenic response.


Anti-asthmatics, Carica Papaya, Mast Cell Stabilization, Degranulation, Albumin

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Chaudhari, S. G., Chaudhari, H. R., Mishra, P. A., Shendkar, A. K., & Desai, J. S. (2014). Mast Cell Stabilizing Activity of Carica Papaya Leaves. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars, 3(1), 789-794.

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