Formulation and Evaluation of Parenteral Drug Edaravone

Formulation and Evaluation of Parenteral Drug Edaravone

Singh Atul Pratap*, Eswari TS, Gurusharan, Verma V


Edaravone have best property of neurological recovery and it is a kind of cerebral protective agent (free redical scavenger) also it acts as an antioxidant. The present study was under taken with an intension to develop a stable and effective parenteral formulation containing the drug Edaravone. Solubility analysis of the drug Edaravone performs soluble in CCl4 and insoluble in water. So, various effects of various co-solvents in the solubility of edaravone have been evaluated. Edaravone was tried with co solvents such as CCl4, ethanol, methanol active ethyl acetate and water. The drug was made in to injection formulation for administering as an infusion. Various batches of Edaravone injection formulation were prepared in order to assess the influence of heat, light, atmospheric oxygen and antioxidant on the stability of the drug. The formulation were also subjected to accelerated stability test out of all trials. Formulation containing all the ingredients like L-cystein hydrochloride monohydrate, NaCl, sodium bi sulphate, phosphoric acid, NaOH pellets and water for injection was found to be more stable and passed test C2 satisfactorily.


Edaravone, Formulation, Antioxidant, Evaluation, Stability

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Singh, Atul Pratap, Eswari, T. S., Gurusharan, & Verma, V. (2014). Formulation and Evaluation of Parenteral Drug Edaravone, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars, 3(4), 134-141.

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