Novel Ion-Exchange Resin Containing H-Acid Residue

Novel Ion-Exchange Resin Containing H-Acid Residue

Shah JM*, Chaudhari JA


The novel Ion Exchange Resin was prepared by reaction of Chloromethylated styrene–divinyl benzene[CM-SDVB] with H-acid (1-amino 8-naphthol 3,6-disulfonic acid) for 8 hrs. The resultant Ion Exchange Resin designated as styrene–divinylbenzene-H-acid (SDVB-H) was characterized by IR spectral studies and thermogravimetry. The SDVB-H sample was monitored for its ion-exchanging properties. Batch equilibration method has been adopted for such properties. Based on this the SDVB- H-acid resin was employed for removing the metal ions from industrial effluent. 


Environmental Analysis, FTIR, Ion Exchange, Batch Equilibrium Method, Styrene Divinyl Benzene, H-Acid

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Shah, J. M., & Chaudhari, J. A. (2015). Novel Ion-Exchange Resin Containing H-Acid Residue, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars, 4(3), 13-18.

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