DNA Microarray Technique

DNA Microarray Technique

Thakare SP, Trivedi PK, Jani PH, Patel GV


DNA Microarray is the emerging technique in Biotechnology. The many varieties of DNA microarray or DNA chip devices and systems are described along with their methods for fabrication and their use. It also includes screening and diagnostic applications. The DNA microarray hybridization applications include the important areas of gene expression analysis and genotyping for point mutations, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), and short tandem repeats (STRs). In addition to the many molecular biological and genomic research uses, this review covers applications of microarray devices and systems for pharmacogenomic research and drug discovery, infectious and genetic disease and cancer diagnostics, and forensic and genetic identification purposes.


Microrarray, Oligonucleotide array, Hybridization, Scanners.

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Thakare SP*, Trivedi PK, Jani PH, Patel GV, DNA Microarray Technique, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars, 2012, 1(4), 40-51.

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