Formulation and Evaluation of Aceclofenac Loaded Cubosomal Topical Gel

Formulation and Evaluation of Aceclofenac Loaded Cubosomal Topical Gel

K. Bhargavi, S. Indira*, Prathima Srinivas


The aim of present work was to formulate and evaluate sustained release formulation of Aceclofenac a Non -steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), as cubosomal topical gel to reduce gastro intestinal effects and to improve the bioavailability of the drug. Different formulations of Aceclofenac cubosomes were prepared by Top down approach using GMO as lipid phase vehicle, Poloxamer 407 as stabilizer and distilled water as aqueous phase by varying the concentrations of GMO and Poloxamer 407. Resultant formulations were characterized for particle size, zeta potential, surface morphology, encapsulation efficiency and in-vitro drug release. Optimized formulation (F10) showed drug release of 83.25% in 8hours. Aceclofenac cubosomal gel was prepared by using optimized cubosomal formulation (F10), Carbopol 940,Carbopol 934, HPMC K4M and HPMC 15M.Gels were evaluated for pH, viscosity, drug content and in-vitro drug diffusion studies. Among all the preparations, formulation G2 was found to show entrapment efficiency of 96.85 and in vitro drug release of 78.5%. Ex-vivo permeation of optimized gel formulation (D2) was evaluated across rat epidermis.


Aceclofenac, Cubosomes, GMO, Poloxamer 407, Top down approach, Ex-vivo permeation

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K. Bhargavi, S. Indira, & Prathima Srinivas. (2015). Formulation and Evaluation of Aceclofenac Loaded Cubosomal Topical Gel, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars, 4(4), 27-37.

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