Formulation and Evaluation of Fast Dissolving Tablet of Lamotrigine

Formulation and Evaluation of Fast Dissolving Tablet of Lamotrigine

Madhuri T. Hivarkar, Ravi D. Hole


Oral routes of drug administration have wide acceptance up to 50-60% of total dosage forms. Solid dosage forms are popular because of ease of administration, accurate dosage, self-medication, pain avoidance and most importantly the patient compliance. The most popular solid dosage forms are being tablets and capsules; one important drawback of this dosage forms for some patients, is the difficulty to swallow. Fast dissolving tablet of Lamotrigine was formulated by using various super-disintegrants like Cross carmellose sodium and Sodium starch glycolate in different proportions by sublimating agent like camphor. The values of pre-compression parameters of all formulation showed good flow properties and compressibility, so these can be used for tablet manufacture. The disintegration time for all formulations was considered to be within the acceptable limit. It observed that when sublimating agent like camphor was used disintegration time of tablet is decreased. The concept of formulating high porous fast dissolving tablets of Lamotrigine inclusion complexes using superdisintegrants by sublimation technique offers a suitable and practical approach in serving desired objectives of faster disintegration and dissolution characteristics.


Superdisintegrants, oral drug delivery, Fast Dissolving Tablet, Lamotrigine

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Madhuri, T.H., Ravi, D.H. (2018). Formulation and Evaluation of Fast Dissolving Tablet of Lamotrigine, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars, 7(2), 50-57.


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